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Me, Myself and I

London LifePosted by LINDA LIN 05 Sep, 2014 18:09
Man, I love work. And I mean, all kinds of work, as long as it's music related.

Performance aside, I absolutely love organising and managing music festivals. It's quite a task to find the right group of artists, students, sponsors and guests, and create a professional yet wonderfully creative atmosphere for everybody. So far, we have received an enormous amount of support from our families, friends, and colleagues. And it is such a great privilege to work with so many talented and dedicated people.

I never used to be a team player back in school. Being an only child, I pretty much defined selfishness. Then when I decided to pursue music, I became crazy AND selfish. I feel, and therefore I play. I didn't analyse much, and just followed my instinct.

Then there was chamber music. This was the one thing that taught me how real music was made. It taught me love, and patience. A lot of patience. Friendships were made. It taught me respect, dedication, and most important of all, teamwork. To this day, I will always remember the string quartet I founded back at the Royal Academy. We understood each other and never over-analyse. We were all great sight-readers and used to play through tons of quartets in one rehearsal. We always went out for dinner and drinks afterwards. We performed and travelled. We laughter and cried. They cooked for me, and I ate. Not only did we become the best of friends, we grew together as musicians and people. Since we disbanded, I couldn't listen to quartet music for a long time.

However, I will be playing trio with some very talented musicians in our festival next month. Very much looking forward to it. I hope to see you all there and have a fabulous weekend!

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