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No Barrier in Music

London LifePosted by LINDA LIN 07 Aug, 2014 22:36
Such a pleasure to return to London, my home. Being in a foreign country is something I am completely used to. But not being able to speak the language was such a barrier that I vowed to learn my French properly once and for all. But the one thing I was able to use to communicate with people, was music.

Musicians are lucky that no matter where we are, we could always speak through our instruments. Music is universal. There is no class system, no rich or poor. I have met so many amazing people from all over the world through music and concerts. It is because of the cello that I get to travel to places I have never dreamt of.

My concerts in Switzerland were wonderfully organised, and were attended by people from Europe, Asia, America and the UK. Everybody came from different background, culture and colour. And yet, we all gathered together and shared the special experience called music. That was the only time I felt that I had no barrier, that I was able to talk to people through music, rather than my broken French.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to perform in a country as beautiful as Switzerland. And be sure that I will be back before too long.

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