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Shopping became meaningless

London LifePosted by LINDA LIN 31 Oct, 2013 02:02

I was in Selfridges today. By chance. And for the first time in my life, I was totally BORED shopping. I mean, not to offend all you wonderful fashionistas out there - but seriously, what is so good about all the materialistic things?? Those are the stuff which you can't take away when you pass away. Yet, another Prada bag, or another Mulberry leather jacket.. Is your life that empty that you had to fill it up with all the 'fancy' things? Who gives a shit if you have the latest Chanel bag or the hottest Gucci wallet?


Certainly, not I.

Money can't buy happiness. We've all heard it a million times, but really, REALLY, what makes you happy?? Certainly not a Rolex watch! We as human beings are never satisfied with materialistic things, so why not give it up altogether?? Find your true dream, and pursue it. Don't ever give up your dream because you only freakin' live ONCE. So make it count.

Make it count.

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